International Workshop on Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization 60th anniversary of Aram Arutyunov


The International Workshop on Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization Theory taking place in Porto, Portugal, from April 19 to 21, 2017 is dedicated to the 60th birthday of Aram Arutyunov, Professor at Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and Moscow State University. 

This workshop brings together a significant number of researchers with extremely relevant contributions to the various areas addressed in the workshop as well as many postgraduate students and researchers in Mathematics and other fields for which mathematical methods are relevant in their research. The members of the International Program Committee are speakers at the Workshop.

The aim is not only to present and discuss research avenues in the very dynamic fields of Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization leading to more valuable and beautifully flourishing Mathematics, but also to share high standard values that this research community has been setting.

A large number of contributed talks address numerous issues in widely diversified classes of problems on the themes of the workshop, which certainly encompass the three main large group of topics in which Professor Aram Arutyunov provided the most significant contributions:

•    Optimal Control – Pontryagin Maximum Principle, State and Mixed Constraints, Degeneracy Phenomena, Controllability Conditions, Generalized Controls, Impulsive Control Problems, Second-order Optimality Conditions;

•    Abnormal Problems – Second-order Optimality Conditions in Abnormal Minimizers, Inverse and Implicit Function Theorems in Abnormal Points; and

•    Nonlinear Analysis – Quadratic Maps, Coincidence Points of Maps, Covering Properties.



The main goals of the International Workshop on Nonlinear Analysis and are:

•    Constitute a unique forum bringing together some of the top worldwide experts to openly discuss current state-of-the-art research results and open challenging issues arising in the areas of Nonlinear Analysis and in Optimization as well as their applications and interrelations with other scientific fields.

•    Promote a stronger networking among researchers from many parts of the world with face-to-face interactions which are highly efficient to induce research cooperation.

•    Complement the education of doctoral students and young researchers in Applied Mathematics since a number of sessions can be regarded as doubling lectures of a Spring School. Moreover, the access to the sessions will be free to students, and, the funding permitting, also to some researchers.
•    Since the Rectors of Porto University and of RUDN University and the Vice-Rector for Research of Porto University will be present, this workshop will create the opportunity to promote stronger academic relations between the institutions of the participants. In particular, issues concerning the stimulation and support for the exchange of the students and researchers will be at the top of the agenda.

This event is organized by Porto University and will take place in the facilities of Seminário do Vilar, Rua Arcediago Van Zeller, 50, 4050-621 Porto from April 19 to 21, 2017.The on-site registration of the participants starts at 6h30 pm of April 18, 2017 and the closure of the workshop will end by 7 pm of April 21, 2017. The opening will be at 9 AM of April 19 and will be presided by the Rectors of Porto University, Professor Sebastião Feyo de Azevedo, and of RUDN University, Professor Vladimir Filippov, who is also an invited participant as a prominent mathematician in the scope of the workshop areas. There will be 9 technical sessions and the official language will be English.

The social program includes a welcome reception at 6h30 pm on the 19th, the workshop dinner on the 20th, a sightseeing tour during the afternoon of the 20th of April, joint meals for the invited participants, and 5 coffee-breaks for all participants.

Significant amount of free time is provided to allow ample interactions among all the participants in order to promote one of the key purposes of the event: networking and establishing scientific cooperation.

This is a non-profit event and, thus the specification of the value of the registration fees will depend on the total financial support that will be obtained. One key goal of the organizers is to enable the participation of graduate students and young researchers free of any charges.



  • Boris Mordukhovich
  • Fernando Lobo Pereira

International Program Committee

  • António Pedro Aguiar
  • Uderzo Amos
  • Andronick Arutyunov       
  • Aram Arutyunov       
  • Viktor Burenkov
  • Tan Hoang Cao
  • Arrigo Cellina
  • Giovanni Colombo
  • Andrei Faminskii
  • Vladimir Filippov
  • Andreas Fischer
  • Sílvio Gama
  • Franco Giannessi
  • Alexey Izmailov
  • João Lemos
  • Fernando Lobo Pereira
  • Boris Mordukhovich
  • Adrian Petrusel
  • Maria do Rosário Pinho
  • Alexander Plakhov
  • Georgui Smirnov
  • João Sousa
  • Vasile Staicu
  • Vladimir Tikhomirov
  • Delfim Torres
  • Richard Vinter
  • Martin Weber
  • Peter Wolenski
  • Alexander Zaslavski
  • Evgeny Zhukovskiy

International Organizing Committee

  • Fernando Lobo Pereira
  • Boris Mordukhovich
  • Vladimir Tikhomirov
  • Sergey Zhukovskiy

Local Organizing Committee

  • Fernando Lobo Pereira
  • Dmitry Karamzin
  • Margarida Ferreira
  • Sílvio Gama

Secretariat and Administration

  • Sara Costa
  • Paulo Lopes

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