275 students took part in the contest "Science in the school world"


Since 2012, within the framework of the Program, realizing the strategic development of University and later the Program of complex modernization of RUDN University 2015-2020, RUDN University has been organizing a number of school competitions under the titles: "My first step in science", "I am a future scientist", "Science in the school world" and etc. So, this competition in the complex of already organized events became a natural continuation of the cycle of activities, focused on the identification of talented pupils, development of their intellectual potential, formation basic skills in the field of research activities among them and also formation of highly intellectual staff of perspective students of RUDN University.

Nowadays, in the process of admission to university, except the Unified State Examinations score, individual achievements of applicants, diplomas of winners and prize-winners of various Olympiads, projects and creative contests are also taken into consideration.

7-11 grades pupils from Moscow and Moscow region were invited to participate in the Competition, if their research interest and creative activity were focused on profound and diversified studying the disciplines of socio-economic, natural science, biomedical or technical profiles.

However, the geography of the contest stepped over the boundaries of Moscow region. Along with schools of Balashikha, Vidnoye, Domodedovo, Krasnoznamensk, Lobnya, Lyubertsy, Podolsk, Troitsk, Ramensky, Dmitrovsky and Shchelkovsky municipal districts, pupils from Ferzikovsky District (Kaluga), Saratov and Mtsensk (Orel Region) also participated in the competition.

 According to the regulations of the Competition of school projects in 2017, based on the analyzed experience of holding competitions in previous years, participation in the contest was strictly held in the form of individual primacy.

The subject of review at the Contest were research projects, prepared by pupils and presupposing an awareness of pupil about modern conditions of the field of research, knowing the methodology of experiment, existence of data about own research, their analysis, generalization and conclusions.

The Contest assumed public speeches of participants with the results of their own research or inventive work within the frameworks of specified sections.
The regulations of speech presumed:

- the public defense of research or inventive project, lasting till 7 minutes;

- discussion, lasting from 3 to 5 minutes.

The rules allowed to provide members of expert commission with completed research works built on a specific structure, which was generally accepted for scientific papers, during the competition.

Public speech of participant or scientific-creative team was evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:

1. Quality of report and presentation, logic of narration.

2. Demonstration of the depth and breadth of knowledge on the subject.

3. Ability to conduct a discussion.

4. Subjective assessment of reporter`s managing skills.

During the presentation author had to answer questions on the topic, have a sufficient culture of speech and keep principle of visibility and illustration.

275 students from schools of Moscow and Moscow region took part in the competition:

1. On the humanitarian profile – 107 schoolchildren (Russian language and literature – 60 people, history – 35 people, English language – 12 people).

2. On the socio-economic profile - 30 students (economics, law, society).

3. On the natural science profile - 56 schoolchildren (ecology and chemistry – 37 people, physics and mathematics – 19 people).

4. On the medical and biological profile - 47 schoolchildren (biology - 21 people, medicine - 26 people).

5. On the technical profile - 35 people (ICT, technology).

Experts from PPS and post-graduate students of the profile departments of RUDN University formed the jury.

Winners and prize-winners from each profile got Diplomas of the I, II, III degree, memorable cups and souvenir products of RUDN University, the rest got certificates of participation. All teachers got diplomas of participation as well. All the guests of University were given out advertising products of the RUDN admission committee.
According to the results of the Competition of school projects "Science starts from school" on humanitarian, social, economic, scientific, medical, biological and technical profiles for 7-10 grades pupils from Moscow and the Moscow region, an electronic miscellany of abstracts, including speeches of pupils, will be prepared. The electronic collection will be available on the site