RUDN University Strategic Goal

    In accordance with its mission, the University serves its main purpose of training highly competent specialists in various fields who are capable of contributing to an improvement in the quality of people’s life worldwide given current global, regional and national challenges to mankind.


RUDN University Strategic Initiatives

    The University program covers 7 strategic initiatives aimed at the University competitiveness enhancement and its promotion onto the research and educational global markets.


The purpose of this strategic initiative is to enhance RUDN’s scientific and educational potential by developing educational programs and technologies.


The strategic initiative is aimed at stepping up the University research and educational services competitiveness through recruiting highly qualified faculty and improving the current research staff.


The strategic initiative is aimed at attracting prospective students with previous education excellent records with the view to sharply increase undergraduate, graduate and PhD students’ (both Russian and international ones) educational level through mainstream communication with target audiences by using various instruments of inspiration and support.


The strategic initiative is aimed at updating continuously the research agenda and the educational programs package in line with the global trends and international educational and research services market demands.


The aim of this strategic initiative is to generate and optimize RUDN management system in line with the best global practices and the leading foreign universities experience as well as to renovate and enhance personnel proficiency.


The strategic initiative is aimed at enhancing the university reputation and promoting the recognition in the scientific community throughout the world, thus improving RUDN position in the international academic rankings.


The task to bring the initiative into existence envisages modernization of the University infrastructure, and its information structure as well, in line with the international standards by reconstructing and constructing academic buildings, laboratories as well as developing the server subsystem.