The bachelor degree program «Oil and gas engineering» is the direction of obtain basic higher education at the engineering faculty of university of higher education.

This course will teach you about the processes, threats and opportunities that underpin the successful oil and gas production in the international energy sector in the 21st century. The hydrocarbon industry is faced with challenges of meeting increasing environmental standards in terms of efficiency, safety and utility. Professionals in oil and gas industry are required to implement modern standard and innovative technologies of oil and gas exploration and production. This course is tailored to the requirements of an integrated upstream oil and gas industry.

By learning alongside colleagues from a range of technical, non-technical and commercial backgrounds you will develop a truly multidisciplinary view to oil and gas engineering. This course comprises core sections of mandatory disciplines, options as well as some general subjects included in national education standard.

Main courses:

  • Machinery and petroleum engineering facilities.
  • Drilling and well maintenance.
  • Transportation and storage of Oil & Gas.
  • Gas hydrate production.
  • Gas production and groundwater supply.
  • Oil & Gas production in shelf zones.
  • Geomechanics of oil reservoirs and gas wells.
  • Drilling and well completions, etc.

Places of professional training:

  1. training ground MGRI-RSGPU (Sergiev Posad);
  2. Oil and Gas Production Boards of JSC TATNEFT, NGDU «Leninogorskneft» (Republic of Tatarstan);
  3. training base "Sablino“ (NMRU «Mining University», St. Petersburg);
  4. the oil and gas companies in Russia, CIS and far abroad countries (LUKOIL, Rosneft, etc.).

The learning outcomes of the programme:

  • knowledge of modern innovative technologies of oil and gas production;
  • ability to analyze technical performance and economic indicators of the equipment used in developing oil and gas fields;
  • knowledge of the technical requirements to raw materials used, reagents, materials, primary processing of extracted raw materials, its transportation;
  • knowledge of the requirements of the finished products in the oil and gas industry;
  • ability to apply basic modern methods of organization and planning of research, design and industrial development;
  • acquiring knowledge of the rules and norms of labor protection, and environmental regulations in developing oil and gas fields.


  • classrooms equipped with everything necessary for educational process;
  • computer classes with Internet and necessary software;
  • classrooms equipped with multimedia equipment;
  • specialized laboratory "Rational subsoil use", equipped with modern equipment (microscopes, dispersive x-ray fluorescence analyzer, high-pressure reactor, etc.);
  • laboratory, including three special simulator that fully simulates the operation of onshore and offshore drilling rigs.

Career prospects:

  • Once qualified, you may start your career in oil and gas area, such as oil and gas research and production, wide range of professional opportunities in national and multinational oil and gas companies and consultancies.
  • The University is an extremely popular destination for international students wishing to study Oil and Gas related program. The rate of exploration and development of the world's energy resources is increasing rapidly throughout the globe.
  • This program will prepare you for a successful career in the international energy industry, specializing in the oil and gas sector. Graduates from the program can get employment in petroleum and gas engineering, mechanical process and energy sectors.
Referral code:
21.03.01 «Oil and gas engineering»

Training unit:
Academy of engineering

Form of training:
  • full-time – 4 years

In the document on education will indicate:
State diploma of higher education: bachelor of engineering and technology in «Oil and gas Engineering»

The list of entrance examinations:
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Russian language

Programs admission tests

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