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Viktor Ivanovich Danilov-Danilian

Viktor Ivanovich Danilov-Danilian

Doctor of Science (Economy), Professor, Head of the Chair of Ecology and Water Resources Use, Environmental Department

Date and Place of Birth
1938, Moscow.

Mechanical-and-Mathematical Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1960.
Major: computing mathematics.

Prior Work Experience
In 1960-1964 after graduating from the university, he was assigned to the Computer Center of Moscow State University.
In 1964 he joined the Central Economic-and-Mathematical Institute (CEMI) under the USSR Academy of Sciences as Chief of the Laboratory on Methods for Optical Prospecting Planning.

Research Profile
His research efforts were focused on the development of mathematical models for planning. Besides, he was one of those who began to use an apparatus of the mathematical theory of games to solve those mathematical problems. The principles of the interaction between the Center, regions, and branches of the national economy, formulated and substantiated in his publications of those years, found the practical use in the 1990s.
In 1976-1980 he joined the All-Union Research Institute (VNIISI) of the State Committee on Science and Technology (SCST) and the USSR Academy of Sciences (at present it is the Institute for System Analysis under the Russian Academy of Sciences).

Research Profile
His research efforts were focused on the problems of economics of natural resources use and environment protection; and also on the methodological problems, including the applicability of mathematics in social sciences, and the possible formalization of scientific knowledge. Moreover, that period of time was the starting point of his work on the preparation of analytical materials for governmental officials of the country, and participation in different expert groups and commissions.
In 1980-1991 he was assigned as Chief of the Laboratory on Natural Resources Use and Environment Protection, then Head of the Department of Ecology, Academy of National Economy (ANE) under the Council of Ministers of the USSR.


Research Profile

His research efforts were focused on the affects on the environment, the evaluation of natural
resources, and also on the usage of closing expenditures and the efficiency of capital investments.
In 1991-2000 he was assigned Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation (the name of the Ministry was changed during that period twice: 1. in 1992 it was renamed into the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources; 2. in 1996 the State Committee on Environment Protection).

Research Profile
During that period he fulfilled many of those ideas he worked previously on as a researcher. Under his leadership the systems of territorial environment-oriented authorities, environmental control, environmental monitoring, especially protected areas, and the economic mechanisms of environment protection were developed. At that time Russia had an intensive international cooperation in the field of ecology. The environmental system was functioning in a close interaction with public ecological organizations (in particular, two All-Russia forums on environment protection were held). As the leader of this system he propagandized the environmental problems actively (through hundreds of articles in newspapers, publications in journals, and statements on TV and the radio).
In 1994-1995 he was elected a deputy to the State Duma, and the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.
Furthermore, he combined his activities of a government official of the 1990s with his research work.

Research Profile
His research efforts were focused on the theory and methodology of sustainable development. He developed a conception that in the system way used a wide scientific basis and differed considerably from the well-known ideas. This conception is based on the concept limits of destruction introduced by V.I. Danilov-Danilian for the environment, public health, and stabilizing social structures. The works of the same nature were represented to the Eminent Person Panel formed by the UN Secretary General during the preparation of the World Summit on sustainable development in Johannesburg (the Republic of South Africa) in 2002.
V.I. Danilov-Danilian was included into that team of specialists.

Current Place of Employment
In 2003 he was assigned Director of the Water Problems Institute under the Russian Academy of Sciences , and since then he has been serving there . Also, he is Head of the Chair of Ecology and Water Resources Use, Environmental Department, Russian Peoples Friendship University.

Research Profile
His research efforts are focused on the problems of economic assessment of natural resources and first of all, of water resources, and in addition, on the economic methods of management and the protection of water objects, the control of their state, and the theory of natural rent.

In 1966 he received his Candidate Degree.
In 1973 he received his Doctorate Degree.

Academic Achievements
A Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
A Fellow (Academician) of the International Academy of Sciences.
Director of the Water Problems Institute under the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Chairman of the State Committee of the Russian Federation on Environment Protection.
A Fellow (Academician) of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Russia, and of the Environmental Academy.
A member of the Editorial Boards of the journals Water Resources and Economics and Mathematical Methods (issued under the auspices of the Russian Academy of Sciences).
A Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The New Russian Encyclopedia in 12 Volumes, Entsiklopedia Publishing House (Vol.1 and Vol. 2 have already been issued).
Furthermore, he supervized the preparation and defence of over 40 Candidate theses.

The Government of the Russian Federation Prize winner For the Development and Realization of the Environmental Protective Complex, Including a Specialized Environmental Control System of Water Medium State and a Carrier Ship.
The Order of Honour.

He is the author and a co-author of 380 research publications, including 24 monographs.

Selected Publications
Running to the market. Moscow, 1991; The problems of ecology in Russia. Moscow, 1993 (in co-authorship); Ecology and the policy. St.-Petersburg, 1993 (in co-authorship); The environment: from new technologies to new mentation. Moscow, 1994 (in co-authorship); The environment between the past and the future: the world and Russia. Moscow, 1994 (in co-authorship); Environmental problems on the way of integration of Russia and Europe. Moscow, 1997 (in co-authorship); Environmental problems: what happens, who is guilty, and what to do. Moscow, 1997 (in co-authorship); Is co-evolution of nature and the society possible? Moscow, 1998; Environmental challenge and sustainable development. Moscow, 2000 (in co-authorship); Running to the market: ten years later. Moscow, 2001; Environmental safety: general principles and the Russian aspect. Moscow, 2001 (in co-authorship); The strategy and the problems of sustainable development of Russia in the 21st century. Moscow, 2002 (in co-authorship); The encyclopedic economic-and-mathematical dictionary. Moscow, 2003 (Editor-in-Chief and the author of over 100 articles); In the face of the main challenge of civilization. Moscow, 2005 (in co-authorship).