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Institute of Law

Institute of Law

  • founded in 1995 (after reorganizing the faculty of Economics and law)
  • more than 1800 students
  • 9 departments
  • about 180 lecturers, among hem 3 academicians and corresponding members, 32 full professors and 71 PhD’s
Head of the Institute – Oleg Aleksandrovich Yastrebov, PhD (Law), Doctor of economic sciences, Professor.

Tel/fax: +7 (495) 433-32-22



The uniqueness of tutoring at the Institute of Law that has its historical explanations is that alongside Russian legislation and law, other legislative systems of the world are widely presented. These are: Anglo-American and continental European, as well as the legislation of developing countries. International law is taught intensively.

Students of the Institute of Law take part in professional legal practices. While working at the Students’ Advisory Bureau at PFUR, students gain experience working with the public and local authorities. In addition, leading Russian lawyers regularly give master classes at the Institute of Law. The training program is aimed at providing special knowledge necessary for the future professional activity. By their 4th year of studies, most students have gained profound work experience.

The PFUR Institute of Law is one of the few in this country offering a Master’s degree in law. Law students participate in international exchange programs on a yearly basis. They undergo study courses at universities in France, Spain, Italy, the CzechRepublic, the USA, Finland, Austria, China and other countries.

After graduating from the University, law students go over to work at educational institutions, law-enforcement agencies, government and state administration agencies, internal and external agencies of foreign relations in Russia, the CIS countries and far abroad and at international organizations. A lot of them have made brilliant careers in their sphere of activity. At present, some of them are ministers, well-known politicians or public figures.


Major field of research

Modern systems of law and interaction between them. International law and international legal order in the 21st century.

Lines of study

Bachelor’s studies

  • Law


Master’s studies

  • Theory and history of law and state, comparative-legal research
  • International law
  • Civil law, family law, entrepreneurial law, international private law
  • Civil process, arbitrary process
  • Fighting criminality: legal regulation and practical realization
  • International protection of human rights
  • Medical law
  • Corporate law
  • Public economic law
  • Judicial power, prosecutor’s supervision, organization of law enforcement activity, the Bar, notariat
  • Constitutional law
  • Energy law
  • Lawyer in sport, show business and advertizing
  • Criminal law, criminal process




Master’s programs in English:


Joint Master’s programs:

  •  International law (with CIS Network University).


Forms of study: intramural, intra-extramural (evening),extramural, second degree courses.

Postgraduate studies: 10 specialties

3 Doctorate and PhD dissertation councils