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Innovations in business creation and management

Innovations in business creation and management

Programme authors: Professor Vladimir B. Alekseenko,, Ph.D

Assistant prof.Tatiana B. Ivanova, Ph.D

Period of studies: 2 years

ECTS credits: 120

Program description:

The program’s aim is to form general, cultural and professional competencies in creating and managing business innovations. It is centered on innovative approaches to business creation and management, in particular, to innovations introduction to companies, which apply innovations or act in innovative spheres.

Students will study such disciplines as industrial informatics, which embraces a complex of disciplines like methods and technologies based on computer and telecommunication systems of information saving, processing and transmitting social and economic objects and settling all complicated problems in entrepreneurial activity with the purpose to develop industrial sphere.

Graduates are supposed to get deep knowledge in the sphere of system integration and business processes reengineering which forms high skills in making management’s decisions and effective industrial management and can also continue their activity in the chosen area of scientific research.

Learning outcomes:

To be acquainted with:

the main techniques of scientific research in economics, especially in innovative spheres; definitions of innovation and its derivatives; technologies of operations management; modern problems of innovational activity and innovative management; economic regularities of innovations introduction and juridical bases for innovative business creation; information resources and technologies which may be applied in innovative business management; the main elements of production and operations systems; evolution of management methods; managerial economics; modern strategic analysis and corporate finances; innovation and technological business; innovation management at different stages of production cycle; management of innovative company development and innovation risks.

To have command of:

  • creating and managing business innovative companies in manufacturing and in the sphere of services, environmentally friendly acting due to social responsibility;
  • management of Innovation and investment activity of a company;
  • cost management and instruments of market positions evaluation;
  • strategic management of logistics;
  • management of changes and business-dynamic at innovative company;
  • evaluation of innovative business, investments and managerial decisions effectiveness.

To master:

  • Entrepreneur’s skills in innovative spheres of production;
  • Modern technologies for personnel choosing, training and developing (HR-human resources management) for innovative company;
  • Taxation of an innovative company and the security market.

Career opportunities:

Graduates of the program will be able to work in Russian and foreign organisations of various profiles, recruitment companies and banks and and/or to create of their own innovative business within domestic economy, etc.

Admission requirements:

Bachelor or specialist degree

English Language level – at least IELTS 5 TOEFL iBT – 63

Application deadline:

August, 15 2014

Tuition fee:

6 000 US$