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Institute of Medico-Biological Problems

Institute of Medico-Biological Problems

Tel/Fax: +7 (495) 989 4593


The Institute was founded in 2011 as the organization department of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

Main fields of research

The main activities are research studies on development, implementation of innovative biomedical technologies, conduction and participation in international and national conferences, workshops, technology transfer, and development of national and international projects in biomedicine.


·       Involvement of professors, staff, students, postgraduates, postdocs in educational process;

·       Implementation of scientific results in educational process;

·       Promote national and international cooperation;

·       Conduct basic and applied research, perform scientific expertise;

·       Participation in international research and development of projects, programs in the field of medico-bioogical problems, biomedicine, biosafety;

·       Conduct and participate in international and national conferences, workshops;·      

·       Formation of scientific schools on priority areas of biomedicine, life sciences.


Director of the Institute– Alexander B. Zudin, M.D., Ph.D. (Medicine)

Deputy Director for Science – Vsevolod I. Kiselev, corresponding member of the Russian academy of medical sciences, Dr. Sci. (Biology), Ph.D., M.D.

Deputy Director for Innovations and Development – Elena I. Aksenova, Ph.D. (Economy & Pedagogy), Assistant Professor  

Head of Financial Department – Alexander B. Filonov

Head of Science Programs Department - Diana D. Pobedimskaya, Ph.D. (Molecular Biology),

Program Manager on Educational Projects  – Olga G. Filonova,



 All-Russian Scientific Youth School “Translational medicine: international experience and trends in Russia”, November 2011


 All-Russian Scientific Youth Conference “Innovation technologies in dermatology”, November 2011



Project “Development and implementation of information technologies in education” in collaboration with the Association of Moscow High Education Institutions and Department of Education of Moscow city

Project “Development and pilot implementation of programs, training materials and textbooks forprofessional development and refresher training of specialists in educational organizations in the field of keeping and strengthening of health of students” under support and funding of the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Russian Federation