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Current Administration

RUDN University’s administration team is dedicated to fulfilling the University’s educational mission and research enterprise, to advancing a vision for the University’s future, and to sustaining its tradition of academic excellence and freedom.

The major divisions and their subsequent administrative units organizationally cooperate in an efficient way under the leadership of the Rector.

The overall departments of the University create policy, set mission and purpose, and are tasked with building and maintaining a successful organization. They ensure good management and adequate resources and they appoint and support the rector’s policy of making the University one of the most outstanding highest schools in Russia!

The Deans and Directors lead RUDN’s schools, colleges, and institutes. The administration manages the operations of the institution through various administrative units.

The RUDN University Academic Council, chaired by the Rector, is the chief deliberative body of the University; its membership is made up of representatives of the faculties, institutes and administrators.   

Together, these offices and groups make up the leadership and university-wide governance structures.