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The students’ campus is situated in the south-west of Moscow in one of the best places for study and leisure. The Hostels are situated in 5-storey, 16-storey and 18-storey buildings offering double and triple rooms, costing from 540 to 2640 conventional units per year including water and electricity, furniture, cooking and washing facilities. The rooms have connections to the internet, satellite TV and telephone.

RUDN University campus, the winner of Moscow Mayor’s Trophy “The most comfortable HEI territory”, is the absolutely unique place, there is none like that in Russia!

The Campus nowadays consists of 13 blocks of student hostels housing over 7 000 RUDN University students and graduate students. RUDN University campus has everything for comfortable life: disposal laundries, dry-cleaning and other ateliers, barber shop and hairdressing saloons, stores and shops, post-office, banks. Special reading-rooms are provided for a better preparation for studies.

After lectures and studies and on  days-off students can relax and spend time with friends at numerous cafes and coffee-houses.  There are plenty of them: African, Chinese, Arab, Indian, Georgian – they may be found in every hostel block, more than 20 in all.

The University is also keen about its students’ safety. Owing to the checkpoint system and round-the-clock video supervision across the campus area nothing may hinder students’ comfortable living.

RUDN University Campus is the winner of Moscow Student Dormitory Contest in the nomination “Student Dormitory Best Infrastructure”. This is a unique place, no similar can be found in Russia.

Student RUDN University Campus is:

  • comfortable well-planned;
  • more than 8,000 students living in 13 buildings of students’ hostels;
  • research library with branches at faculties (with a fund of more than 1,8 mln books);
  • internet-café; supermarkets, student canteens;
  • numerous cafés and restaurants with exotic traditional dishes of different countries;
  • sports complex;
  • laundries;
  • electronic surveillance system;
  • outpatient clinic and medical center;
  • RUDN University police station;
  • security and automatic fire alarm;
  • vehicle fleet;
  • electronic access system in all buildings and students’ hostels;
  • RUDN University publishing center;
  • sanatorium;
  • children's health camp “Yuventa”;
  • kindergarten;
  • RUDN University museum.