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Life at RUDN University

University is the globe in miniature. It gives the students a unique opportunity to travel across the cultures of different countries. The skill to achieve mutual understanding is formed in Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in many different ways: from groups and public organizations to hostels, amateur art groups, and foreign communities.

At present there are more than 200 different active student groups and committees:

  • University student council;
  • RUDN UNIVERSITY campus student council, regulated by the Dorm councils;
  • “Druzhba” (Friendship) sport club council;
  • University Women’s Committee;
  • Interclub Council;
  • 4 regional associations of international students;
  • 107 foreign students fraternities;
  • 16 Russian students associations;
  • 12 student committees of faculties and institutes;
  • 13 student dorm councils;
  • 73 professional student associations.



Student festivals, holidays and culture weeks

  • Day of Knowledge
  • RUDN University student initiation ceremonies
  • University birthday (February 5)
  • RUDN University A-students assembly
  • “Moscow has made us friends” festival
  • Festival of folk traditions
  • “Let us build friendship together” festival
  • Tatiana’s Day
  • “Planet South-West” folk festival
  • Days of students’ ethnic cultures
  • National exhibitions
  • KVN teams tournament and festival
  • “Miss RUDN University”, “Miss Africa RUDN University”, “Mr.Africa RUDN University”, “Miss faculty\ institute”
  • “Meridian of friendship” building team assembly
  • “Best RUDN University student organization” contest
  • “Best faculty\institute group” contest
  • “Best room”, “Best hostel” contest
  • Students’ public certification
  • School of student leaders
  • Excursions around Moscow and Russian cities and towns

POS materials

Department for work with students

Head of Department:

Alexandr V. Ermakov.

Miklukho-Maklaya str. 6, office 343,

Tel.: 433 7382 (1013).