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RUDN University media page:

Welcome to the media page of the RUDN University! Here you can review all the current information referring to the life of the University in all the wideness of its aspects.

RUDN University conducts a strong media presence based upon the growing use of both traditional data field and social media. The University encourages its colleges, departments, programs, groups and other significant organizational units across campus to create social media accounts and build enriching relationships with students and everyone interested, who has any ideas on developing and improving the image of the University.

When RUDN University shares engaging content with the students via social media, such action encourages them to become «ambassadors» of the University in the global network!

RUDN University pays special attention to the regular news updating. This media strategy of the University is crucial for us, and of course it recommends implementing a wide media- and social media policy. Want to be well-informed? Join us!