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Students from 100 countries will live here, says Vladimir Filippov - RUDN Rector announcing the construction of an 18-storey student dorm

17 April, 2017

In March, the first stone was laid in the foundation of a new student dorm on RUDN campus. The new building (total area 13,302,7 sq.m) will accommodate 568 students in 274 double or triple rooms. The dorm is due to be finished by September 2018.

RUDN Rector V.Filippov, First Vice-Rector E.Schesnyak, RUDN campus Mayor G.Kalidu and students from Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Middle East took part in the ceremony.

Students wearing national costumes put a message to the future residents to the time capsule. «Our university started in 1960 from just a few hundred students from 47 countries. Today RUDN is 30,000 students from 154 countries, 8,000 of which are residents of the dorms. We are sure that the new dorm will broaden the boarders and help more people discover the world in one university», - read President of the Campus student board Guisse Kalidu.

The building will be constructed on the area 867,6 sq.m. and will perfectly blend into the environment creating a positive image of student life. There will be specialized rooms for disabled people – for 7 people on the 1st floor and 10 people on the 2nd.